Catalogues - Tomatoes - Low Acid and Oxheart Types

Our catalogues list the main plants that we grow, but at the farm stand you will often find plants not listed online. If you have questions about what these other varieties are or about how to grow them, please contact us.

Low Acid Type

Yellow Perfection

A brilliant yellow colour, incredibly productive and delicious. This potato-leaf tomato is thin-skinned and juicy. Ripens well in cool or hot weather. Needs staking. This is one of the prettiest tomatoes we’ve grown and the kids really love snacking on them whole.

Yellow Wonderlight

Bears medium-sized, pretty, sweet yellow fruit. Like all yellow tomatoes, Wonderlight is low acid and therefore a good choice for those who love tomato flavour but who find the usual red varieties too acidic.

Yellow Pear

Small, pear-shaped novelty tomatoes. Golden-yellow, sweet and low acid. Sprawling vining plants are high-yielding all summer. Plants are best staked and tied to keep fruit off the ground. Perfect for fresh eating, garnishes, drying and salads.

Unusual, highly productive small to medium red fruit with jagged orange, green and yellow stripes. The flavour is mild, and the fruits are low in acid. Tender skin. Indeterminate.

Oxheart Type

Cuor di Bue

Also known as the ‘bulls heart’ or ‘giant ox heart’ beef tomato. This type gets its name because of its large size and heart-shaped fruit. A lovely slicing tomato due to its meaty flesh, and few seeds. Unbeatable in salads or with slices of fresh Mozzarella and basil.

Sorry, no photo available at this time. MAIDA'S KOOTENAY GIANT
Probably the largest roma you’ll ever grow or see! Incredibly large, meaty, low-seed fruits growing prolifically on a determinate vine. From our neighbour, Wes Johnson, who got the original seeds from an old Italian neighbour in the Kootenays who had brought it with him from Italy. Not offered in any other seed catalogue as far as we know. This tomato has an unusual, drooping (and quite decorative!) growth habit so needs staking well. Great choice to mix in with the flower garden for architectural appeal.